Privacy Policy

Updated 21st February 2024
  • Information we collect

    By using a VATGlasses service, we may automatically collect information about your computer and connection. This may include your IP address, your ISP, the time and date of your visit, and other information about your visit including how you use and interact with our services. This information may be combined with other information you provide with us.

    Additionally, you may voluntarily provide information to us. This could be by filling in a form, "linking" or authenticating with a third party provider, such as VATSIM or Discord, sending us an email or using a VATGlasses operated service such as a Discord server.

    You may find an itemised breakdown on how and why we use information collected from you below.

    Purpose Legal Basis Collected Data
    Provide a personalised experience and to be able to identify you for operation of the service Operation and security of the service
    • Full Name
    To improve the software Terms of Service and Consent
    • Usage Data
    To identify you for a Subject Access Request (SAR) Consent
    • Email Address

  • What we do with your data

    We use your data for a variety of reasons, including those highlighted above. However, your data will always only be used for the purposes of providing the VATGlasses service.

    It is VATGlasses's policy to never sell or commercialise sensitive personal information or data.

    The main reasons we use your data are:

    • To provide you with a personalised service;
    • To improve our services, and understand the behaviours of our users;
    • To be able to deliver the service and its features;
    • To be able to protect the service from malicious use.

    We will only use your email address, if provided, to send critical administrative emails, such as password reset or login emails.

    You also have the ability to allow other, third-party, applications and organisations to access a selection of your data through our OAuth API implementation. OAuth allows other organisations to request access to data in your account. This could be for a variety of reasons, including to use VATGlasses to authenticate you, to provide VATGlasses with data about you (such as your simulation aircraft position) or otherwise.

    Applications are forced to request your permission to be able to access this data. The data requested will be clearly presented to you when asked to authorise their access. VATGlasses carefully reviews and audits all applications with access to user data regularly to ensure they comply with privacy requirements.

  • How we store your data

    Data may be stored locally on your device or on a server machine operated by Lenny Colton and/or Marijn de Mul. At all times we seek to take the necessary precautions to safeguard your data. This includes encrypting data sent from us to you and vice versa through methods such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) end-to-end encryption, as well as encrypting any sensitive information.

    In the event of a data breach, we will ascertain which users, services and data were compromised. We will, where possible, try to inform affects users by using information we have available, including email address(s) or associations to external services.

    Like many sites, VATGlasses utilises cookies to store information about you and remember your preferences. We use cookies to identify who you are as you navigate our site, allowing us to provide our customised service and gain aggregated analytical data about your use of the site. The cookies we use are listed below.

    Essential Cookies

    Name Description
    cf_clearance Created and used by CloudFlare.
    vatglasses_session Used to identify the user's browsing session.
    vatglasses_redirect Used to identify the user's requested page during and immediately after login.

  • Third Parties

    VATGlasses replies on the following third-party entities to a) collect personal data from you, or b) provide personal data to us. The entities are listed below, alongside links to their respective privacy policies.

    • VATSIM

      Provide basic user information in accordance with their Privacy Policy.

  • What you can do with your data

    Under GDPR, you have several rights with respect to your data, including the right to download, modify or delete permission information which we hold.

    The majority of personal data, such as Name and Email Address, are typically provided to us from third parties, such as VATSIM. As such, for overarching access, update or deletion requests you should contact them.

    You may make a request under GDPR by writing to [email protected] with the subject "GDPR Request". Please note that you will be asked to verify your identity.